Denise - purple reverse prayer

May 01, 2022

Denise is one of my favorite models at the moment! So versatile and eager to learn! This time she will attempt a reverse prayer. She can already do everything that’s important, like strict elbow ties, huge gags, and breast bondage, but she has not tried a reverse prayer yet. Tied in purple, Denise is just stunning! A two inch purple gag completes her cute look. What a girl! She is available for custom videos too!

Arabella - back for more

April 24, 2022

The incredible Arabella is back for more bondage! I always tie her boobs, because they are SO tieable!! But Arabella doesn’t have just one of the 3 holy bondage grails (tieable boobs), she has ALL three! Huge mouth for 2 inch gags (and more!) and hyper flexible arms for that tight elbow bondage! Arabella can come back whenever she likes, what a girl!

Lucy Lauren - red ropes

April 17, 2022

One of the best struggles is back! Lucy Lauren loves bondage and she especially loves wriggling around in ropes! She is bit gagged and tied with red ropes on the bed, ready for a fun struggle! Lucy Lauren is so wild, she needs to be tied up very well, or she will wriggle free. Check the video to see if she got out of this tie! Wonderful energy!

Medusa - bed spread

April 10, 2022

Medusa is visiting me for the first time and right away she gets tied to the bed, completely nude and spread open with knee ropes. Quite a rough welcome! Don’t worry, Medusa loves a challenge, and she doesn’t mind to get exposed like this! What would you do if you found her like this?
Medusa had a great time, she said, she wants to come back for more bondage, what should I do to her next?

Olivia - tiny redhead's first bondage

April 03, 2022

Cute Olivia is so funny! She wants to try everything in my studio, and you will see her in metal, leather, handcuffs, and much more soon! She had never done any ropes either. She picked the green hemp rope, as most redheads do, because it is a fantastic color combination. She got tied in a box tie with a tight crotch rope. Her arms were tied to the crotch rope, so she would feel it with every struggle. Amazingly, Olivia can take a 2 inch gag! So a white ballgag was popped right in and I left her to struggle! So cute!

Denise - perfect sub

March 27, 2022

Denise is 18 years old and already the perfect submissive! She has three important natural skills! Her elbows go all the way together, her boobs are soft and big and can be tied, and she can handle huge ballgags. She didn’t even have to train for any of these perfect sub skills! Now she just needs to be trained in endurance, and maybe try to get less angry when she is tied up. Whoever will get her as a submissive is the luckiest person in the world!

Aubrey hogtied!

March 20, 2022

One of the most popular models on our website: the sexy cute Aubrey! What a girl! She is a bit strange, because she loves and hates bondage at the same time. She keeps writing us, and then she regrets it. The challenge is appealing to her, but when she finds out she can’t escape, she starts to hate her situation. It’s so funny to see! Watch this awesome Aubrey struggle now! She is getting very good at escaping!

Alisa - bed time

March 13, 2022

Beautiful Alisa is back for some more ropes! She looks amazing in blue! A box tie is very frustrating to Alisa, she doesn’t really like to have her boobs on display and up for grabs. She wriggles and complains but her arms are very much stuck. Poor Alisa, let’s hope no one will try to grab her big breasts! That would be terrible.

Lina Joy - hogtie novice

March 06, 2022

Lina Joy is very pretty, but with a harness ballgag she is even prettier, I think you will agree! She has never been hogtied before, so this is her genuine first time. I tied her elbows and her ankles, then pulled her wrists up a bit. Tying her harness gag to her cute toes was the finishing touch. Lina loved it! She wants to do more soon!

Ballet Sub Ella - split

February 27, 2022

Ballet Sub Ella said she needed to practice her splits more! No problem! We tied her in a very exposed way to the couch, so she was stuck in the split position. Ella can hold this for a long time, and she is super flexible. But she has not been tied in such a vulnerable way before, so it was very exciting for her (and a little scary). Super submissive Ella is a ballerina who has decided she wants to please and serve. She is basically a dream girl, and a perfect bondage model, because you can tie her in any way you can imagine!

Jasmin - no more pole dancing

February 20, 2022

Pole dancer Jasmin is really good! She wanted to get some practice in, but we tied her to her pole. Obviously, she did not like that! Bondage is good exercise too. Especially some struggling, like Jasmin is doing. Can she escape and get back to her practice? Watch the video to find out!

Lina Roselina - cute pink assistant

February 13, 2022

Our tiny assistant Lina Roselina is so cute! Her favorite color is pink, so we tied her in pink rope, securing her elbows behind her back. With a beautiful wrists wrap, she is really quite helpless, she can’t even undo the crotch rope. Lina still tried her best to be a good assistant, but she was soon gagged too, which made it a lot harder to make those phone calls. It’s just fun to see her crawl on the desk like this. Cutest assistant ever!

Nora Sparkle - boob puppet

February 06, 2022

Nora showed up with this mint green color in her hair, thinking we wouldn’t have ropes to match it. Wrong! We have every color, even mint green. We tied her boobs tightly and pulled them up to the ceiling. With her hands tied behind, Nora had to balance on her toes for a while. It was a lot of fun to see this boob puppet position, as it got harder and hard for her to keep her balance!

Denise hates tied boobs

January 30, 2022

18 year old Denise hates having her boobs tied. But they are so tieable! Those natural big boobs are just perfect wrapped in rope! We gagged her with a 2 inch gag, and tied her arms behind her. Denise tries to shake the ropes off her boobs, but that’s not going to work. She seems angry! Let’s sit back and enjoy the show!

Elina Flower tied up!

January 23, 2022

We tied Elina Flower! She is usually a very dominant character, but today she got tied in ropes and she loved it! Well, maybe not the gag, but that was a last minute addition to complete this fun oriental themed tie! Elina’s giant boobs are exposed and vulnerable! She struggled but there was no way to escape. It was a great afternoon, Elina is so much fun to play with!

Azul - chastity belt struggles

January 16, 2022

Super tiny alternative girl Azul was in a chastity belt for ChastityBabes.com. It’s one of the smallest belts ever to appear on the website. She was lounging around, still wearing her boots, oddly enough. We got a chance to tie her in a blue reverse prayer, just for fun. Azul is a really active struggler, seeing her bound and gagged is always fun. Even with the tight chastity belt, Azul wriggled and moaned in her ropes. Such a cute submissive!

Alexandra - perfect elbow tie

January 09, 2022

Alexandra! A brand new girl, and she is awesomely flexible! Where do we keep finding these talented bondage girls! Alexandra thought it was a lot of fun trying this elbow tie for the first time in her life. And she easily touched her elbows together! She is a natural! Her shiny pants and long gloves really make this tie perfect!

Nicole Vice - struggling in purple

January 02, 2022

We have the famous adult star Nicole Vice back again! This time we wrap her in purple ropes, including a tight crotch rope. We leave her legs free so she can wriggle, fall over, and give us a good view of the crotch rope! She is gagged with a 2 inch purple ballgag to muffle her protests. Nicole is quite fierce, but she can’t free herself! She is very vulnerable with her boobs and crotch rope on display!

Lina Roselina - magic wand dangle

December 26, 2021

Tiny Lina Roselina finds herself tied spread eagled to the bed, it is a very vulnerable position! Her captor dangled a magic wand above her, just touching her clit. It is a very frustrating predicament for Lina. The magic wand is just dangling, it is not fixed, so every time Lina moves her pussy against it, it moves away a bit. It is not enough for her to reach an orgasm, but she also can’t get away from it. Will she be tormented like this forever? It’s exhausting her already!

Adele - elbow talent

December 19, 2021

Young Adele is an Italian girl with a talent for bondage! She has been to some shoots now, and she really loves getting tied up. Adele is a natural talent, with incredibly flexible arms, as we saw last time. This time though, we are going to make it even tighter. There will be no room for wriggling at all! Adele’s elbows will get tied all the way together in black long gloves with white rope, it looks amazing! What a patient and sweet girl, she will be a famous bondage star soon!

Eve - escape plan

December 12, 2021

Eve thought ‘wow this should be easy’, when she was tied in a box tie. And she was happy she was still wearing her shirt. Of course, I opened her shirt a little, so Eve started to work on her escape plan. Unfortunately for her, before she could do anything, her legs were tied and her knees were lifted to her neck. Now she was helpless on the floor. Would she still escape?

Ballet Sub Ella - arched

December 05, 2021

Wow, a ballerina bondage sub? Ella is the ultimate dream rope bunny! She is hyper flexible, with decades of ballet training, and she wants to get tied up! We tie her in a box tie with flashy pink ropes, and then we place her on a box. With her feet against the wall, we pull her torso up, arching her back. Ella was super stuck in this position! Not easy to do for most people, but for Ella it’s quite easy! She really can handle any pose we want to try out, we can’t wait to have her back for more!

Yasmine - sexy strappado

November 28, 2021

Playmate Yasmine is tied in a sexy strappado. She is now realizing she shouldn’t have worn her extreme high heels. They don’t have a platform, so the angle of her feet is almost straight down! This makes it hard to balance. And if there is one thing you need in a strappado, it is balance! Don’t try this at home, especially not in these heels!

Aubrey - the chastity belt

November 21, 2021

‘Sure you can come tie me up again’, said Aubrey, ‘but I am locked in this chastity belt because of my home deal for ChastityBabes.com, is that a problem?’. Of course not! We would gladly come to your home to tie you up and have you walk around in ropes! Aubrey is stunning, anytime we can put ropes on her, we will! She is also available for custom shoots, if you want to really challenge her!

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