Sophie hogtied and gagged on the massage table

March 24, 2019

Tall model Sophie is back! She has a Master now who keeps her collared and belted but he agreed to let her do a quick shoot in ropes before locking her back into her metal gear (check her personal website here). We love this fashion model so much, she is stunning! Putting her into a hogtie on the massage table is a great way to display this beauty! Sophie looks even better with a nice shiny red ballgag! She was afraid to struggle too much, but she looked amazing!

Jezebelle - breast bondage

March 17, 2019

Jezebelle is back, all by herself. Before, she needed her friend Dolly to gather enough courage for a bondage shoot, now she came alone and she said she was ready for more rope! But when we started to tie her, she asked why her boobs always get tied, when other models don’t always get this treatment. Well, that’s because Jezebelle’s breasts are just too awesome to have no rope around them! She is a perfect breast bondage subject, and she knows it. She doesn’t like it, but she understands.

Yana - tied up in the woods

March 10, 2019

Yana loves to play, and her favorite fantasy is getting kidnapped and tied to a tree! So much fun! We chased her through the woods, her arms already in a box tie. It was easy to catch this naked girl, she couldn’t run very fast on her bare feet. We tied her to a tree and gagged her! Yana thought it was the most amazing thing ever, and she already emailed us to play some more! What a girl!

Lana - first time in rope

March 03, 2019

Lana is a secretary in real life. She always dresses very nice, with lots of jewelry and high heels. But now she is showing an entirely different Lana: a submissive girl who wants to try rope bondage. She is a perfectly tieable girl with awesome round boobs that are firm but still soft enough to tie. Breast bondage, box tie, and ball gag. That’s what Lana wanted to try and that is what she got! She is so pretty in rope! Let’s hope she will come back for more!

Tess Lyndon - dreams come true

February 24, 2019

Sometimes girls don’t even know they can do a reverse prayer until they try it for this website! Tess Lyndon amazed us and herself by being able to pull off this very restrictive position. She is tied in red ropes on the bed. If she arches her back she can almost touch the padlock on her collar. But we didn’t tie her too tight, she can probably escape if she tries! Tess is so cute! She hasn’t changed a bit since we shot with her 4 years ago! Perfectly tieable and very pretty. Her tattoo says ‘dreams come true’. Perhaps they do!

Stella Cox elbow tied

February 17, 2019

Stella Cox is so flexible! Her elbows touch without any effort so she gets elbow tied all the time! That doesn’t mean she likes it though. She always moans and tries to wriggle her arms. Or maybe she doesn’t like her boobs tied with rope? We will have to guess, because Stella is gagged with a 52mm ballgag and it is not coming out! We love her moans and the drooling is great! One of the most perfect girls tied up and gagged, who would want to let her out! She needs to be in bondage forever!!!

Ulysse - wrists to knees

February 10, 2019

French sweetheart Ulysse is back! She is so much fun to tie up, a great struggler! And she likes to really try to get out! We tied her in a different way: wrists to her knees. Let’s see if Ulysse can escape this tie. If not, we will have a lot of fun watching her try anyway!

Ariel Anderssen - reverse prayer nurse

February 03, 2019

THE Ariel Anderssen is back! She was very excited to get tied up in this hospital setting, who doesn’t like a nurse in bondage! The tall blonde Ariel is famous for her reverse prayer skills, so we tied her in white ropes, hands up very high between her shoulders. A red and white gag matches her cute nurse outfit perfectly! All nurses should be tied like this all the time! Although that might not be super helpful, but it would certainly cheer us up!

Muriel - tied up by the pool

January 27, 2019

Our beautiful Muriel is getting tied up by our lovely Rija Mae! Now there’s a great combination of girls! Rija knows Muriel is a very experienced rope bondage model, so she makes everything extra tight. Muriel gets tied up by the pool until she can’t move anymore. This is great bondage in the Spanish summer sun (great to watch on these cold winter evenings). Rija stretches Muriel so good, you can see Muriel’s six pack abs!

Evgenia Talanina hogtied

January 20, 2019

Famous model Evgenia Talanina was hard to convince to try bondage, but she did! She might not try it again but at least we have this great set of one of the world’s hottest big boob babes in ropes! Evgenia is such a pretty girl, we are very happy to have her in bondage exclusively! We did one more set with her, you can see it by clicking here! Don’t miss it, Evgenia struggling and gagged!

Megan and Bridgette - tied friends

January 13, 2019

‘Can I bring my friend Bridgette?’, said Megan. It seemed only fair, as Megan herself was once introduced to us by the legendary glamour model Coxy. Bridgette showed up and her body type was so similar to Megan’s, we just had to tie them in the same color and style. Otherwise it wouldn’t be fair! These friends are both very fit girls, with nice round boobs. Locking them both in slave collars was even better. Just look at these two, sitting on their knees tied in blue rope!

Olga Cabaeva loves good tie

January 06, 2019

This girl Olga is so much fun! She kept asking when she was going to get tied up, as if she couldn’t wait. We tied her in a nice little reverse prayer, and then frogtied her legs too, so she could go wild with her struggles. Olga loves struggling! Don’t miss this update, she is just great!

Louise Red returns for more bondage

December 30, 2018

She has been here twice already, but Louise Red can’t get enough! This time we did not use red rope anymore. Sure, her name is Louise Red, but she looks good in any rope color! A nice box tie and chest harness to make her struggle in hemp rope, Louise just really gets into it. She does not have a partner to do this with, so she gladly comes over to experience more bondage with us here at Tieable.com. Do you want to get tied up and make some money? Just email us!

Darina Nikitina - hogtied tight

December 23, 2018

Super flexible Darina Nikitina returns to attempt a very tight hogtie! Her elbows tied all the way together (of course), and her wrists tied to her crotchrope in the back, she has to keep her arms bent, which is super hard when you are elbow tied. This is a position that not many girls can do, but Darina makes it look easy! A nice harness gag pulls her head back while she struggles. Not too much struggling, because these ropes are very tight!

Bad Dolly - tight elbow bondage!

December 16, 2018

Bad Dolly is extremely talented. Her flexibility is quite amazing, and she has good tieable boobs too! The mint green boat rope is a little harsh and thin to use, but it allows for better breast bondage and tighter elbow cinching. Doesn’t Dolly look extremely cute and helpless, tied with her elbows all the way together? She can’t do much at all, and when we gag her, she’s reduced to moaning and a tiny bit of struggling. But the best thing was: after this shoot she immediately asked when she could come back! We love Bad Dolly!

Little Caprice - hogtie progression

December 09, 2018

The famous Little Caprice only gets tied up on this website! We are so honored she trusts us enough to do this kind of shoot! If you need a custom bondage video or picture set with Little Caprice, just email us, we can get her to do it, and make your dream come true! This time, Caprice is shown a hogtie progression. Locked in her metal collar, she looks confident at first, but when the tie progresses, she gets more and more concerned. She knows it’s too late when the hogtie is complete. Caprice can only struggle a bit, but she won’t go anywhere!

Maya - tight bed bondage

December 02, 2018

Cute Maya can take a big gag. And some tight bondage. Or at least, that is what we decided. Maya did not entirely agree, and after a while it got really tough for her. She is squirming and moaning on her bed, but there is no chance she can escape these tight ropes. Fun to watch, because it’s not easy for her. And that’s what we like!

Yasmine - elbow bondage hogtie

November 25, 2018

Sultry Yasmine is an exotic beauty with super flexibility. She is a one of a kind girl: into bondage and submission AND incredibly hot AND smart. Yasmine has been tied up by us so many times, and she keeps coming back for more. She is the only model who can do elbow bondage without any time limits, she can basically be tied with her elbows touching forever, there are no problems for her in this position at all. This makes her a very desired model for custom shoots, and many people have ordered custom videos with her. Do you want to order your own Yasmine video? No problem, just email us!

Nicky - perfect boobs

November 18, 2018

Rarely have we seen more perfect natural boobs than Nicky’s! We did not really notice this during her first shoot, because she was hogtied on the floor! But wow! Such perfection needs just a few ropes to accentuate and we can sit back and watch her vulnerable struggle. Please consider supporting this website by getting a membership, it is definitely worth it, we have models that are not doing bondage on any other website! Nicky is one of them, and she is a stunner!

Samantha Bentley - elbows tied

November 11, 2018

Gorgeous Samantha Bentley! She is flexible and she has a great body. Her elbows can be tied all the way together. This submissive girl was a bit surprised to feel this extreme tie, and she started to moan a little bit. We gagged her and watched her struggle in these white ropes. Lots of drooling as Samantha tries to come to terms with her extreme elbow bondage!

Liz Rainbow - blue rope

November 04, 2018

Our new model Liz Rainbow is pretty! And she is famous too (google her if you want). Always nice to be able to tie up a well known girl! The blue rope is super rigid on her upper body, there is not much room for wriggling, and her knees and ankles are tied too! Of course, we had to hogtie her in the end. Liz loved this shoot so much, she is already scheduled to come back for more!!

Sophia Smith - spreadeagle bondage

October 28, 2018

Cute Sophia Smith is tied on the bed in a very helpless position. There is literally nothing she can do. She actually loves being tied like this, and she told us it is certainly not the first time in her life she has been in a spreadeagle position. We are starting to wonder just how kinky this girl is! Her incredible body is all laid out for us, with her famous long legs in purple stockings! Sophia Smith only wears the highest quality lingerie, so gold rope was the only possible choice for this bondage. Watch Sophia all spread out and helpless in this great picture set and video!

Rosie - elbow bound cutie

October 21, 2018

Rosie was here before, long ago, and she never left our thoughts. Possibly the cutest girl we have ever seen, with her big eyes and mouth. She just needs to be tied up more! We finally got her back in ropes, and this time we tried tying her elbows all the way together. Not very easy for poor Rosie, but she did it! This is an impressive update, as Rosie was tied for quite a while for the picture set and the video. Her wrists aren’t even tied, but with some strategic rope on her elbows, there was nothing she could do to escape!

Vika hogtied

October 14, 2018

Cute teen Vika hogtied on the floor and ballgagged. Not a bad start for her, but we think she can do tighter bondage. Still, you have to remember these girls are not models, they just want to try it out of curiosity and it’s nice to go a little easy on them the first time. Vika said she loved it! She will probably be back for more!

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