Little Scarlet - chair struggle

May 09, 2021

Cute Little Scarlet is back for more! She is so pretty! We tie her to a chair and she struggles to get free. It is a simple tie, but Scarlett can’t get out. It is fun to watch her squirm, she told us she loves bondage a lot, and she wants to try more of it! Maybe we should invite her to our other websites like MetalBondage.com? It would certainly satisfy her curiosity!

Thiccy Niccy does not like ballgags

May 02, 2021

New girl Thiccy Niccy is great! With her soft boobs and big butt, we try a lot of rope variations on her. We tried tying her elbows, and her boobs, before finally settling on a hogtie. Niccy was a bit apprehensive, she liked wriggling in the hogtie, but it was all still quite new to her. When she finally decided to have fun with it, we gagged her. She did not like that at all!! Some girls just don’t like drooling!

Liz Rainbow - rope fun

April 25, 2021

Liz is always ready to get tied up! She is so happy in bondage! We tied her in this fun shape, with her elbows tied and her hands to her sides. This left Liz some room to struggle, but she couldn’t get out. Gagged and collared, Liz had a great time wriggling in her tight ropes! She is just so much fun!

Freya - mouth rope predicament

April 18, 2021

This is a very evil predicament. Freya’s wrists are tied to a mouth rope. She has to keep her wrists up to avoid pulling on the rope too much, but she soon gets tired from struggling. What can she do? It’s a real predicament!

Yasmine - extreme wall chicken wing

April 11, 2021

The wonderful playmate model Yasmine keeps coming back! Is it just us or is she prettier every time? Her boobs have grown a bit, it seems! It would be a shame to put her in a hogtie and hide those from view. So we tried one of the most brutal rope bondages yet for Yasmine: an arched hogtie, combined with a chicken wing tie! This way we can see her boobs and Yasmine can’t go anywhere! If you want to see this stunning girl tied up in many different ways, join now! She is even available for custom videos, where she will even do more extreme challenges like gags and clamps! Definitely worth considering!

Maddie - perfect breast bondage boobs

April 04, 2021

We found this new girl Maddie and we just had to tie her up! She was not very keen on it at first, having no experience with bondage. But she is just so perfect we made a lot of effort to convince her. Maddie is a slim girl with huge natural boobs! We just had to get some rope around those, and watch her struggle. Maddie got really into it at the end, she felt safe and had a lot of fun! We hope to see her back soon, because this kind of body is rare and there are so many things we can do with her!

Edita - no hopping

March 28, 2021

Edita insists on wearing high heels all the time. That didn’t work out very well for her in this case. As we tied her, she was sitting on the chair, thinking she could escape by hopping away. But hopping in high heels is almost impossible. So instead of getting away, Edita was pretty much stuck to the chair. She had to be careful not to fall, but even so she wriggled and moaned a lot! You shouldn’t have worn those heels, Edita!

Valentina Bianco - harness gag to elbows

March 21, 2021

Our extremely talented model Valentina Bianco is back for some more elbow slamming! She can be tied with her elbows all the way together and raised to a chicken wing position. We tied her harness gag to her elbow rope so she couldn’t look down. It was a brilliant struggle! Valentina is so cute and tough at the same time!

Rachel Adams - tight hogtie

March 14, 2021

This is a true story: Rachel Adams actually asked me to tie her in a tight hogtie after seeing a little statue of a hogtie torture method in a museum. Yep. She got all excited and wanted me to tie her just as tight as the statue she had seen. I did my best, and I think we got kind of close. Rachel was very happy in her super tight hogtie! She said next time I should try to make it even tighter! She is just the best!!

Lera - tied up at the abandoned building

March 07, 2021

Lera is always in for abandonment fantasies! It’s what she loves most. Remember when we tied her up all alone in the woods? This time we took her to this creepy abandoned building and tied her spread eagle to the structure. We used lots of rope so she would be totally helpless. Lera loves fantasizing about being left all vulnerable, waiting for someone to find her. She is such a great model to work with!

Azul - pink and mint

February 28, 2021

Azul showed up with pink and mint colored hair! Well, we just had to match our ropes to that amazing combination! This tiny Mexican girl gets tied up for the first time and she was a bit confused. Also, she did not expect being gagged! A big black ballgag made it hard for her to concentrate on her struggling. She did not have any chance of escaping anyway, the ropes are very tight!

Farida - reverse prayer and nipple clamps

February 21, 2021

Turkish model Farida is making her first steps in bondage modelling. It turns out she has really flexible arms, so we tied her in a reverse prayer! She did not expect the nipple clamps though, and in a reverse prayer, there is really nothing you can do to get those evil clover clamps off! Farida tried shaking, and struggling, but the clamps are harsh and they will always stay on. We love a good reverse prayer with nipple clamps, it’s such a desperate situation!

Barbara - a simple rope

February 14, 2021

Barbara is tied up in a very simple way, her wrists and ankles are tied. She is ballgagged. Nothing special, but there is a simple rope running from her neck to the pipe in the basement. This simple addition drives Barbara to despair! It should be so easy to escape! But it’s not, and that’s what making her very angry!

Liz Rainbow & Blondie Fesser - naughty slaves

February 07, 2021

Liz Rainbow and Blondie Fesser are so naughty! They keep grabbing and touching each other’s boobs! We just had to tie them up to stop this behavior. Of course, that doesn’t stop them from being naughty, now they will just have to use their tongues! Putting these girls in colorful box ties is great, it really was a lot of fun to do this shoot with them. They are crazy and they love bondage! We are sure they will be back soon for more cheeky fun!

Yasmine - static workout

January 31, 2021

Yasmine wanted to do a little workout in the gym, but we had a much better idea! What if we could give her body a workout, and she would not have to move at all! She was intrigued, and she said it was impossible. Well, with a tight corset, her waist is definitely getting trained. And in a super tight elbow bondage, she is working her shoulders, elbows, and back! Don’t worry Yasmine, you will feel this tomorrow!

Azoe tied in a different way

January 24, 2021

After her last session, Azoe was pretty frustrated. She did not escape the chair tie. We expected she would just leave, but Azoe surprised us by saying ‘tie me up again, in a different way, I am sure I can escape!’. Ok, so we tied her in a high chest harness. It wasn’t super tight, but it can’t be slipped off. And with a simple wrist and ankle tie, Azoe was helpless again. Ballgagged and frustrated, she just couldn’t believe it happened to her again!!

Olga Cabaeva - mega drool hogtie

January 17, 2021

We tied Olga Cabaeva in a chicken wing hogtie. It’s hard to tell what she thinks of this position, because we gagged her with a 2 inch harness ballgag. Soon, the drool starts flowing uncontrollably, and Olga is powerless to stop it. She drools and drools, trying to struggle her way out of the ropes, but there’s no chance. Her arms are pinned behind her back and she can’t get to any knots. After this shoot, Olga had to drink a lot of water, for all the fluids she lost!!

Lina Roselina - prison strappado

January 10, 2021

Tiny teen Lina Roselina is tied in a strappado position! This is one of the most deceiving positions, it doesn’t look hard but it is really difficult to maintain. She can’t go down or she will pull on her shoulders, she can’t stand upright because she can’t pull her hands further down. Lina can’t kneel or sit either. She just has to stand there and her shoulders are getting very tired soon! Poor Lina!

Ashley - good morning

January 03, 2021

It was only early morning when we tied Ashley. We crossed her legs and tied her arms behind her back. She was sitting uncomfortably on a trolley, not very happy about her early morning predicament. We gagged her and tied her knees to her body, so she had to sit in an even more awkward position. How long can she hold this? She eventually gave up her struggles. It was a good thing she was on this cart, we could wheel her around and take her to the car to load her in the trunk!

Aisha - reverse prayer

December 27, 2020

Beautiful Persian submissive Aisha is really going wild! She has decided she wants to try all kinds of bondage. Today, you can see her exclusive rope bondage set here on tieable.com, it is really special she trusted us to give her this first time rope experience. It was very surprising to see her ability to do a reverse prayer position! This pose in combination with a harness ballgag over her head scarf is amazing! And yes, we bound her tiny boobs too! She’s such a perfect bondage model, and she doesn’t even know it yet! Aisha is available for custom shoots!

Lera - abandoned in the woods

December 20, 2020

While walking through the woods with our model Lera, we found this great spot to tie her up! Tied between two trees with lots of rope, in a box tie, Lera was not going anywhere at all! She could barely move, it was very tight. We are very lucky to find girls who put their trust in us to make these incredible images and videos. Lera is a sweet submissive girl, and she enjoyed her moment of peril immensely! Being tied up and abandoned is a big fantasy for many people, but please play safe and consensual! We hope you will enjoy this update as much as Lera did!

Aubrey - fit babe tied up

December 13, 2020

Aubrey is a fit girl! She loves putting her workout pictures on Instagram and she always looks stunning. But today she won’t be able to post anything. She is nude, which is probably not allowed, and she can’t even take a selfie. But worse yet, she can’t do any good exercises today. She is tied in a box tie, with her boobs tied all pointy and tight. She tries a few things on the floor and the treadmill, but it is very hard!!

Katarina Blade - tied up swim

December 06, 2020

In Spain, we challenged Katarina Blade wanted to go for a swim in a reverse prayer and ballgag. She wasn’t too sure about this, but we told her it was actually safer, since water can’t get into your mouth when you’re gagged. She said something, but we couldn’t understand what she was trying to say. Pacing impatiently along the pool for a while, Katarina was clearly in doubt. Eventually she went in! It wasn’t a really good swim, but she looked amazing in the water!

Mila Fox - wrists and ankles

November 29, 2020

Mila Fox thought she could struggle her way out of this simple tie. Just wrists and ankles! But she was wrong, it was harder than she expected, because we tied her wrists to her belly (so she couldn’t reach her gag) and her ankles to the table leg!! We left her for a while, to give her a chance, but she still couldn’t escape her bonds. Poor Mila. She was exhausted!

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