Nelly - an Asian bondage theme

February 28, 2016

Beautiful Nelly is back to get tied up! It’s her third time already! She just loves to struggle :) Nelly is naked in this Asian bondage style shoot, her arms tied in a box tie, progression into a hogtie! She is even ballgagged and left to struggle for quite a while! It was great to tie her up again, let’s hope she will be back for more!!

Alais Peach - Breast bondage predicament

February 21, 2016

Alais Peach is in a very awkward predicament! Her boobs have been tied to the bed frame! If she struggles to the left or right, the ropes pull on her boobs. She can’t stand up because her wrists are tied to the bed. And she is ballgagged as well! What will happen next? How long will she have to stay like this!? Poor Alais Peach!

Natalia Forrest - tied by the pool

February 14, 2016

Natalia Forrest wanted to enjoy the sun on this beautiful day! She even planned going for a swim later. But that did not happen because we found some pool colored boat ropes and decided to tie her up pool side! It wasn’t bondage quality rope, but it certainly did the job! Natalia Forrest was wriggling and moaning, but she could not escape! This was going to leave some strange tan marks on her!

Vina - cute elbow bondage

February 07, 2016

Little 19-year old Vina loves bondage so much!! But what she loves even more is escaping! So we have to make sure to tie her up really tight, or she will get out eventually. Fortunately, her elbows go all the way together. That makes tight bondage a lot more fun! Vina is a really good escape artist, but elbow bondage is inescapable!!

Crystl - tied ballet dancer

January 31, 2016

Beautiful Crystl is probably the most flexible girl ever! No wonder, she is a ballet dancer! Such grace and beauty must be contained with a rather heavy box tie! We left her legs free, so she could still express herself. Crystl thought this was such an interesting experiment, she was to get tied up more to show what she can do! Full leg split anyone?

Cobie - Black rope bondage talent

January 24, 2016

The Australian Cobie needs no introduction! She is a well-known bondage model and she has appeared in lots of rope bondage productions. She was here before, but she always loves to come back for more, especially if her elbows get tied. Elbow bondage, that’s Cobie’s speciality! She is just so good at it, struggling around on the floor in a hogtie! Enjoy!

Rose - the gag experience

January 17, 2016

So Rose wanted some more bondage after her previous hair tie shoot! She was curious about being ballgagged, so that’s what we did after roping her arms in a tight elbow tie! Rose just loves struggling around, even trying to escape, but there was no way! Very nice struggling!

Leila Smith elbow tied

January 10, 2016

Beautiful redhead Leila Smith is pretty flexible! Green rope always is a great combination with red hair, so let’s test her with a frustrating tie! Hands free, but still unable to escape, Leila struggles beautifully on the bed! It was hot that day, a very sweaty and exhausting bondage challenge!

Sophie - First time

January 03, 2016

Sophie is beautiful! She came to us for a ‘nice and tight’ bondage, but she had zero experience! She was insisting, so we tied her in a cruel chicken wing tie and harness gagged her! Quite extreme for a first time girl! She is tough, and even though we had to remove the elbow tie, she still remained in her chicken wing hogtie for quite a good time! She was very surprised when she was tied up, looking at us with her big eyes, wondering why she felt so good in her bondage! She really got into it! A gorgeous girl, Sophie will become a true bondage sensation with more practice!

Lauren Crist - crotch roped to the bed

December 27, 2015

Poor Lauren Crist is tied to her bed, her wrists secured to one side and a crotch rope tied to the other side! The more she struggles, the tighter it gets! She is harness muzzle gagged too, so she can not call for help! The only help she can see is her big stuffed toy bear staring at her, but he is not going to be of much help. I think he’s enjoying the sights!

Merry Christmas, Kate!!

December 20, 2015

This time of the year, there is only one thing we want to find under our Christmas tree: a tied up girl of course!! New girl Kate is the perfect package! A high cross-wrist box tie and tied legs make sure Kate isn’t going anywhere during our holiday! Let’s enjoy this time together, with nice food and drinks, just watching Kate struggle under our tree! Merry Christmas!!

Roxanna - Roped and gagged

December 13, 2015

Another new girl from Russia! Seems like Russia has lots of young girls who are curious about bondage! Roxanna is tied up in a box tie and hogtied, so she can struggle all she wants! She loves struggling when there is no chance of escape! We ballgagged her too, a bit harsh for a first-timer, but Roxanna can handle it, she is great!!!

Dani - breast bondage

December 06, 2015

Dani just wanted to sleep when she saw the bed, but we had other plans! We were making sure she wouldn’t go to sleep at all! We tied her boobs to the canopee bed frame with green rope! Her elbows and wrists were tied very tight behind her back. Dani complained a little, but don’t worry: we ring gagged her. Lots of drooling!! Enjoy!

Nikki - The right treatment

November 29, 2015

Remember our new receptionist Nikki? She hasn’t shown up for work since we tied her in green ropes in the cold office reception. She says she is not feeling too well. We are a caring employer, so we rushed her to the hospital for treatment. The only right treatment: some more bondage! That should make her feel better! Nikki did not really agree, but she should have read her contract before committing to this new job!

Rija Mae - Purple struggle

November 22, 2015

We tied up the wild rope girl Rija Mae outdoors! She was wearing purple socks and her hair was purple, so we just needed to add a purple ballgag and purple rope to complete this set! Rija is such a wild struggler! This ballgag was a little bigger than she anticipated, so she really wanted to get out of the ropes to remove this gag! But her elbows were bound too tight to escape! Great struggle, don’t miss it!

Alina - new bondage girl

November 15, 2015

Alina looked pretty good when we met her on the street! Definitely a girl we would call ‘tieable’! We asked her if she wanted to get tied up, and she said she’d love to try something like that, although she never did any bondage before. When we started tying her, we could already tell this was going to be very easy. She was totally into it, so we made it nice and tight, and gagged her too! What a girl!! She is a keeper!

Vina - super tight harness gag hogtie

November 08, 2015

Vina is back!! The cute 19-year old contacted us on a fetish network, never did any modelling, never was in front of a camera before this happened. She is so into bondage! This sweet girl is super flexible too! We test her skills to the max by tying her arms really tight with her elbows touching! Then we hogtied her using a rope to tie her feet to her harness gag! This is such a tight and extreme position, Vina couldn’t move much at all! She was just lying there, enjoying every second, drooling and squirming. Vina is one of the best! So cute and tough!

Jenni C - Blue rope tie

November 01, 2015

The gorgeous Jenni C is always a pleasure to tie up! Don’t worry about her, she loves it and she keeps coming back for more! If you want to send in a request for a custom shoot with her, don’t hesitate, she will love to do it! This time she is tied in blue ropes, struggling on the bed, but getting nowhere. It’s so nice to see this perfect blonde rolling around helplessly!! We just can’t get enough of Jenni C!

Little Caprice - Split and struggle

October 25, 2015

Woooooow! This is a unique update! No one actually knows that the famous Little Caprice is super flexible! She didn’t even tell us! But when we tied her to the black couch, she did a full split without a problem! I will repeat that: LITTLE CAPRICE IN A FULL SPLIT! An extreme bondage position! You have never seen this world class porn starlet so vulnerable! She’s ballgagged too! Oooh, this is the best of the best, don’t miss it!!

Penny Lee - Large ballgag and golden rope

October 18, 2015

Penny Lee! This TV babe from the UK told us she loves to get tied up! Well, let’s do it! We tied her in golden rope boxtie, and Penny was having lots of fun! She did not say anything about ballgags though. Does she love them? Hate them? We didn’t know, so we found one of the largest balls and pushed it into her mouth before she could say anything! Okay, it was a bit large, but surely she was still having fun? We couldn’t really understand what she was saying, so let’s just assume Penny Lee loves big ballgags!

Asha - new to bondage

October 11, 2015

Well, it’s always a pleasure to introduce girls to bondage! Especially young hot girls like Asha! She looks so good in tight rope and a ballgag! She can struggle all she wants, but she is not getting out of this one! Lovely!

Lisa Scott - Bed bound

October 04, 2015

Hmm this tie did not quite work on Lisa. She was a little afraid of the bondage, so we tried to go easy on her, but we learned (once again): don’t go too easy or the girl will escape! Even though Lisa could not quite get out, because of the chicken wing ties, we were not 100% happy with the results. This girl needs to be tied up a lot tighter! Next time we won’t make it this easy!

Coxy - Lady in Red

September 27, 2015

It was a very hot day! But Coxy had scheduled her appointment with us months ago, and she insisted on coming over. She really wanted to get tied up again!! This gorgeous playmate is always up for a little bondage, even when it’s too hot to struggle! She looks so beautiful in rope! A ballgag makes her a complete damsel in distress: long legs, soft moaning, vulnerable on the black sofa… this is hot! Literally!

Lillian Caine tied poolside by Rija Mae

September 20, 2015

Rija Mae asked us if she could demonstrate her rigging skills. Well, sure, go ahead! Just grab Lillian Caine and go ahead! The weather is nice, so don’t hold back, even if Lillian protests a little because you pull too hard. We have to admit, Rija Mae does have some great creative skills!

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