Mea - Yellow hogtie

January 08, 2017

The first rope tie for Mea ever! This Hungerian beauty wanted to get tied up, so we put her in a strict hogtie, with her knees, ankles, and toes tied! All Mea could do was wriggle a little bit! She must have liked it because she said she wanted to come back for more (and tighter) bondage!!

Katie Thornton - purple chicken wing tie

January 01, 2017

We love Katie Thornton all tied up and defenseless. And a chicken wing tie makes her pretty helpless! She is so stunning in purple ropes, her big boobs bulging as she struggles to get free.

Tammy - girl next door elbow bondage!

December 25, 2016

Tammy always comes over to have a look in our studio to see what is going on. One day, we tested her flexibility and it turns out her elbows go all the way together! Wow! Time to get her naked and tied up in tight ropes! We love girl next door bondage! Especially when the girls next door are so talented!

Ariel Anderssen - The queen of reverse prayers

December 18, 2016

Bondage model Ariel Anderssen is very well known for her ability to handle strict reverse prayers. So we couldn’t resist: we tied her in a very effective reverse prayer, with absolutely no chance of escape. She can handle it, don’t worry!

Nadia White - spread eagled

December 11, 2016

Famous bondage model Nadia White is used to being tied up, but when she is left in a spread eagle position for most of the afternoon, even Nadia gets rather impatient. Nice struggling though!!

Tracy Lindsay - flexibility test

December 04, 2016

Please welcome the beautiful Tracy Lindsay to Tieable.com! Tracy is a gorgeous blonde with a curiosity for bondage! Let’s start by testing her shoulder flexibility! We use just one rope to tie her elbows tightly together! It was tough for Tracy, but she looks incredible with her elbows tied! Let’s just say she passed the test and we look forward to tying her up in the future! We love new talent!

Natalia Forrest - pool bound

November 27, 2016

‘Come on, let me tie you up!’, I said to Natalia Forrest during her holiday. ‘Nooo! Let me tan, go away!’, she said. So I tied her to her pool chair. Natalia Forrest was very angry, but since she could still tan, she did not fight back too hard. Look at her perfect body restrained in the sun, she is so stunning!

Izzy Delphine - reverse prayer

November 20, 2016

First time bondage for Izzy and a reverse prayer, slave collar, and ballgag! Isn’t that a bit much? Yes it was, but she couldn’t complain about it, because we couldn’t understand a word she was saying. Of course, a reverse prayer is a bit harsh on the shoulders and elbows, but Izzy is flexible enough to be able to pull it off. And we get to enjoy the unobstructed view of her beautiful body, hear her moan, and see her struggle!

Vina - welded elbows

November 13, 2016

The 19-year old Vina is one of the most unexpected bondage talents we came across this year! What a girl! She loves bondage so much! Whenever we tie her, she wants it tighter. Whenever we gag her, she wants a bigger gag. This time, we went all out, and completely welded her elbows together (not literally) with a super super tight elbow bondage. Even a small part of her upper arms is touching! Incredible flexibility from such a young girl! Anything is possible with Vina, she has no limits!! Amazing.

Darina Nikitina - harness gag hogtie

November 06, 2016

Young Darina wasn’t too sure about this shoot, but she did it anyway! She is a very brave girl, and she looks awesome in bondage! We tied her in a box tie, and even tied her firm boobs to make them even more firm. Then Darina had to lie down on those tied boobs, to complete this harness gag hogtie. She did so well! We are going to keep her and tie her up some more!

Coxy - elbow bound prisoner

October 30, 2016

The beautiful Coxy is back! But she is in prison with her elbows tied in black rope! What happened to her? What kind of evil prison is this? Maybe it is run by guards who love to watch rope bondage struggles, because Coxy sure is a struggler! There is no chance of escape however, because elbow bondage is impossible to get out of.

Nadia White - bamboo tied

October 23, 2016

Nadia White is back and she is more agressive than ever! She sure loves to struggle a lot! We tied her with bamboo spreader bars, and gagged her, so she could spend all of her energy trying to get out.

Katie Thornton - boob support

October 16, 2016

Katie Thornton! She just keeps getting tied up. And it is not hard to see why! She is just one of the hottest girls around at the moment, and her spectacular boobs are really asking for lots of rope! Katie gets hogtied all the time nowadays, when a year ago she had not even been tied up with a simple tie. Katie’s boobs actually help her during hogties, supporting her and keeping her back arched and her head up! Very nice!

Yasmine - extreme elbow bondage

October 09, 2016

Yasmine is even more flexible than we thought! She can actually bend her arms while her elbows keep touching! We just couldn’t resist, we used green hemp to lock her arms in this extreme position and even tied them to her belly. Poor Yasmine… well she shouldn’t have told us about this special skill. Now we just want to tie her up in more extreme positions. Reverse prayer anyone?

Noa - Tied up in pink

October 02, 2016

Cute teen Noa really is up for anything! Getting tied up in pink rope, totally nude? Sure! Pink ballgag? Sure! She is such a trooper, and flexible too! We want to tie her up lots more in the future! Let’s hope she stays eager!

TianTian - First rope experience

September 25, 2016

Tiny TianTian is so cute! This 20-year old Chinese girl wanted to try ropes and she got what she wanted! First time in ropes, and possibly the cutest model ever on our website! She did not even struggle much, because she loved the feeling of the ropes! How sweet!

Sophia Smith - Elbow bound

September 18, 2016

She is so flexible! Remember her reverse prayer? Sophia Smith is back to get tied up some more, and this time we try making her elbows touch. Easy for Sophia, and we thought she would really enjoy it, but we did not know she hates ballgags. Sophia started struggling like mad to get the gag out of her mouth, but with her elbows tightly tied, there was no chance.

Melinda - rope tests

September 11, 2016

Melinda is a new girl, she wanted to try some rope bondage, but she didn’t know anything about it. She had never been tied before. We found out she was very flexible, so we tied her elbows together. Not a good idea, we frightened Melinda a bit with this extreme pose. It was very tight indeed! We had to let her out and start with a box tie progressed to a hogtie. Also not bad for a first time! But next time those elbows will be jammed together, Melinda! (let’s hope she doesn’t read this…)

Jenni C - overhead tie

September 04, 2016

Jenni C! Probably one of the most tieable girls in the world. So perfect. Blonde, blue eyes, tanned, perfect body shape. She needs to be tied up all the time!! Literally! We have tied her up numerous times, and she still comes back for more. We have used so many rope colors and positions on her, it’s hard to think of something original, but we found something: an overhead tie in black! A very awkward pose and Jenni wasn’t too happy about our choice. Oh well :) She will come back anyway.

Cobie - spread eagle neck rope

August 28, 2016

Cobie was so excited to do some rope bondage! She had been stuck in her chastity belt for days (read about it on ChastityBabes.com), and she was a little bored. Nothing gets her more excited than rope bondage! She wanted me to tie her spread eagle to the bed, and she even suggested adding a neck rope to make it a little more exciting! Cobie just loves bondage so much! It’s great to see her struggle, knowing she is really into it!

Katie Thornton - big boob hogtie

August 21, 2016

Poor Katie Thornton can not even rest her head for a minute! It is not fair, really. Other girls can put their head on the floor in a hogtie, but Katie’s boobs are so huge, her back is arched and she is a perfect little package, supported by her big breasts. Perfect pose, no escape, just a little wiggling. There are disadvantages to having huge boobs, and this is one of them. Katie will get very tired soon!

Melissa - Reverse prayer

August 14, 2016

The beautiful Melissa is back! And although we have worked with her many times, we did not even know she could do a reverse prayer! So when we found out, there was no way back for her, we needed to shoot this position! Melissa wasn’t getting out of this one! She could struggle all she wanted, a reverse prayer is inescapable!

Britney - Elbow bondage struggle

August 07, 2016

The awesome Britney is all legs! She is so tall, with endless legs and slender arms. With such a flexible beauty, we need just one rope to make her utterly helpless. And Britney hates elbow bondage (which is why we also need a ballgag in matching color). Watch her try and try to get out of this super tight elbow rope. It’s just impossible… and Britney gets more and more upset.

Jennifer - First time reverse prayer

July 31, 2016

When you find a super tall local flexible girl, you want to test her limits. We already know her elbows can go all the way together, but can she do a reverse prayer? There is only one way to find out! Funny thing is: Jennifer did not even know what a reverse prayer was, nor had she ever been in bondage before meeting us. She did really well!

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