Yasmine in the basement

Poor Yasmine has been taken and she wakes up in a creepy basement. Her secretary skirt is gone and she has been tightly tied with ropes. Her elbows are even touching! Yasmine’s blouse has been opened and her boobs are on display. She doesn’t know who did this to her and she is very scared… maybe they will come back soon? She tries to struggle to escape her bondage, but it is really super tight. Her arms are completely stuck together. She is very defenseless and vulnerable! Let’s hope someone will rescue her soon!

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  • Posted 8 months ago

    NICE!! Yasmine is fantastically gorgeous and love her secured in rope. Absolutely a flawless body on the gorgeous and lovely Yasmine. Please bring her back for some more positions.

    by steve on December 19, 2018 3:10 am | Reply

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