Cindy Dollar - chicken wing hogtie

August 17, 2014

We’ve always wanted to do a chicken wing hogtie on a beautiful big boobed girl! Cindy Dollar seemed like the perfect victim for this :) Watch her get progressively tied tighter and tighter, until she ends up in a pink chicken wing hogtie including a pink ballgag! Hot!!

Svetlana - Tied tight

August 10, 2014

Cute tattoo babe Svetlana needs some rope… very tight rope! Maybe it’s a little cruel, but we like seeing this girl in natural fiber ropes, struggling on the floor! Svetlana loves bondage in her private life, so don’t worry about her, she could stay like this forever!

Nikki - Green rope receptionist

August 03, 2014

Our office has a new receptionist! The gorgeous Nikki greets people with her bright smile and blonde curls… time to tie her up in her work place! A hogtied receptionist is an even better way to greet people!

Jasmin - Reverse prayer

July 27, 2014

When we found out Jasmin can do a reverse prayer position, we just had to tie her up like that! A good tip for models: never show off your skills or you will required to do a lot more extreme poses than the rest of the models. For the same pay!!

Raven C - hogtied in the sun

July 20, 2014

Our new girl Raven C was hogtied in the warm Spanish sun by famous guest rigger Damon Pierce! Raven C is quite new to the bondage scene, but she still managed to pull off a cruel elbow bondage hogtie with a huge ballgag!! Don’t miss it!

Hannah Claydon - Ballgagged and hogtied

July 13, 2014

The stunning body of Hannah Claydon wrapped in pink ropes is a sight to behold! It is amazing that this famous glamour model is letting herself get into these situations, and even more so that she is ballgagged with a pink ball! Hannah loves this kind of bondage, it is so relaxing for her, she uses these shoots to forget about life for a while!

Elina - a long day

July 06, 2014

This photo shoot took very long! Maybe it was because we wanted young Elina from Russia to get some more time in bondage, or maybe we just liked the look of her standing there, all tied up. This position doesn’t hurt, and a girl in bondage is a great room decoration!

Vanessa - in trouble again

June 29, 2014

Gorgeous Vanessa can not get a break it seems! Now she is bound in yellow rope, ending up in a hogtie, in a strange round room! The yellow rope looks great on her, even though Vanessa seems to disagree!

Dina - Bondage morning

June 22, 2014

Our new girl Dina from Russia is tied up in hemp first thing in the morning! She is such a lovely and quiet submissive, and she loves getting tied up as often as possible in her private life! Couldn’t ask for more than that!

Crystal - Hogtied in blue

June 15, 2014

Tall blonde Crystal is a high fashion model from Italy! She has never been tied up before, but she said she was willing to give it a try! Tied up in beautiful blue rope in the blue archive room, Crystal is in it for the ride. She enjoyed this shoot so much, she definitely will be back!

Tiffany - Box tied on the couch

June 08, 2014

The gorgeous Tiffany is completely defenseless, tied in red ropes around her awesome boobs! But wait, can she get her legs free? Or is it just a futile struggle that is giving her false hope?

Nastya - Discovering ropes

June 01, 2014

Young Nastya from Russia really wanted to be tied up! Her innocent smile and her incredibly flexible body are just the best! We tied her in a beautiful location, in a box tie position, ending on her stomach. She’s a natural, born to be bound!

Yu - struggling hard

May 25, 2014

Yu likes hard bondage, so we can make things a little more interesting for her! A shoulder harness and elbow tie is already pretty strict, but this Taiwanese model wanted more! So we hogtied her (nice arch!), and gagged her with a brand new big shiny black ballgag! Yu puts up a beautiful struggle, but she will never escape from this tight rope bondage!

Birdy Dee - Ring gagged on the counter

May 18, 2014

A neat little box tie in harsh hemp rope and a tight ring gag seems to be just right for our gorgeous Scottish girl Birdy Dee! This marble counter top is icy cold, but she will never be able to get off this without hurting herself! A beautiful hogtie!

Rosie - Frogtied in pink

May 11, 2014

Sweet young Rosie from the UK wrote us how much she would love to get tied up in bright pink rope! She is so cute, her eyes, her mouth… how could we refuse! This might be the bondage discovery of 2014! Don’t miss this set, you will love her!

Nicole - tightly bed tied

May 04, 2014

The rather agressive Nicole needs to be tied up very tight, or she will escape! We spread eagled her on the bed with red ropes, and for extra safety we added a belly rope! Good luck, Nicole!

Hannah Claydon - Ropes and boobs

April 27, 2014

It’s Hannah Cladyon! Bound in purple ropes! No need for more text, just watch the picture set and video clip!! Goooo, don’t hesitate! Click the green arrows!

Elina - first time bound

April 20, 2014

Please welcome cute Elina to our website! This sweet Russian girl is a nice addition to our girl collection, because we want to tie up girls from all over the world! Just look at our model page to see if we have a girl from your country! And if we don’t, please email us!

Kacie James, Roxy Mendez - Hogtied on a bed

April 13, 2014

Cute girlfriends Kacie James and Roxy Mendez wondered what it would be like to be hogtied together! Well, we showed them… for a little bit longer than they expected. Watch them wriggle and jiggle as they struggle around on the bed!

Tiffany - Hogtie predicament

April 06, 2014

Super hot babe Tiffany is tied in hemp ropes, and balanced precariously on a box! She is hogtied very tightly, the ropes are holding her almost completely still, which is good, because too much struggling and she might really hurt herself! Do not try this at home, always tie up your girls on the floor!

Birdy Dee - Lost in the archives

March 30, 2014

Poor Birdy Dee! She is lost in some huge blue archives, tied palms out with blue ropes and gagged with a blue ballgag. This is some very intense and tight rope bondage! Birdy Dee is looking for a way out, but she is very lost, and she can not call for help…

Nicole - Couch struggle in pink

March 23, 2014

The very tieable Nicole is hogtied on our couch! The bright pink ropes really match her pink panties, but Nicole doesn’t seem to appreciate our color coordinating!

Melissa - Wall tied

March 16, 2014

Cute Melissa is tied to the wall with hemp ropes! Naked and defenseless, she struggles to free herself!

Hannah Claydon - Boob tied and ballgagged

March 09, 2014

Please welcome the awesomely sexy Hannah Claydon to Tieable.com! We tied her massive boobs in a very special red rope harness tie, and we gagged her pretty face with a nice shiny red ballgag! Lying down on her boobs is not going to be easy for poor Hannah, but she sure loves to roll around in tight rope bondage!

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