Dominika - elbow tie struggle

Dominika is one of the first girls we tied up for this website. And she still keeps coming back so many years later! This gorgeous lady is very flexible, so we usually try and make her elbows touch. Dominika struggles very well, and we love seeing her in a tight rope elbow tie, trying desperately to free herself!

Dominika - Pink bondage

Dominika! She has been tied up so many times, you may think she likes it. We don’t know for sure, but we suspect she does enjoy it! This super model seems to have no problems with a bit of rope and struggling. And a ballgag is no problem either! Box tied in pink rope, Dominika looks very awesome. But HOGtied in pink rope, with a nice pink ballgag, she looks even better! We will just keep tying her up, suggestions for future ties are welcome of course!

Dominika - elbow bound prisoner

The beautiful Dominika is back! But she is in prison with her elbows tied in black rope! What happened to her? What kind of evil prison is this? Maybe it is run by guards who love to watch rope bondage struggles, because Dominika sure is a struggler! There is no chance of escape however, because elbow bondage is impossible to get out of.

Dominika - Lady in Red

It was a very hot day! But Dominika had scheduled her appointment with us months ago, and she insisted on coming over. She really wanted to get tied up again!! This gorgeous playmate is always up for a little bondage, even when it’s too hot to struggle! She looks so beautiful in rope! A ballgag makes her a complete damsel in distress: long legs, soft moaning, vulnerable on the black sofa… this is hot! Literally!

Dominika - Blue chicken wing hogtie

We wanted to practise this chicken wing hogtie some more, so we grabbed a random glamour model to wrap in blue ropes! Dominika has been in all the big men´s magazines, she is super hot! But this is different modelling! She loves bondage, but she wasn´t too sure about this position! It left her so open and vulnerable! Great struggling though!

Dominika and Megan - Hogtied duo

The gorgeous Dominika returns, this time she brought along a new friend called Megan! Megan was a little bit shy, but she had such a great body we just had to tie her up next to Dominika. Awesome chest harnesses make this duo look even more spectacular! Gorgeous struggling!

Dominika - Bound on the bed

Playmate Dominika bound in ropes! She is wearing a superb fishnet body suit and high heels, to show off her incredible figure! Don’t miss this one!

Dominika - Hogtie arching

Dominika is flexible in her lower back and her shoulders! Let’s test her in a good hogtie, to see if she can show off her amazing skills! Looking this hot in a hogtie is very hard, but Dominika pulls it off with ease!

Dominika - Tied up and silk gagged

Gorgeous Dominika finds herself all tied up and gagged on the kitchen floor! This time however, it looks like her captor was nice to her, providing a nice soft pink blanket and a soft silk cleave gag instead of the usual ballgag! How considerate!

Dominika - Red ropes and gag

Dominika struggling in red ropes and a shiny ballgag!

Dominika - Overhead tie

Poor blonde Dominika is tied up in a very compromising position! Her arms are tied overhead to the back of her chest harness! This will make struggling very exhausting for her!

Dominika - Gagged and roped

Okay, so Dominika doesn’t like ballgags… but we strap a shiny red one onto her anyway, because WE like ballgags. She is not going to stop us, not with her elbows, hands, knees, and ankles tied in a classic straightforward way. Lovely struggle!

Dominika - First time in rope bondage

She is in all the big magazines, but never was she tied up in rope! That is a shame, because Dominika’s elbows go together behind her back without any effort! She might be the biggest bondage talent we ever found!