Yasmine - oriental style

September 10, 2017

Gorgeous Yasmine is tied in a strict reverse prayer wearing her kimono. Her boobs are exposed and there’s nothing she can do to hide them or protect them. She struggles in vain to get her arms out of this cruel position, but the ropes are too tight. She is helpless! Beautiful struggle!

Katarina Hartlova - chest harness

September 03, 2017

Well if there is one girl in the world to do a chest harness box tie on, it is the amazingly spectacular Katarina Hartlova! We are so glad to have the opportunity to tie her, she is truly amazing! She is very relaxed, open, and she loves bondage! With those huge natural boobs, we couldn’t wait to let her struggle. Katarina gives all, and she can’t escape. But it is lots of fun to see her boobs jiggle and shake as she tries to get out of these green ropes!

Megan - reverse prayer fitgirl

August 27, 2017

It’s very trendy to be a fitgirl, with an Instagram account, posting daily pictures of progress and a healthy diet. Lots of girls do this nowadays, including the super fit Megan. She is an exercise addict and in top shape! Her perfect body makes us want to tie her up even more, because it is just so hot to see her in bondage! Megan has been here a few times, but she never looked as good as this! Tied in a very challenging reverse prayer and ballgagged, this is the way all fitgirls should post their daily pictures!

Tiffany - overhead bondage

August 20, 2017

Gorgeous Tiffany is in for a real challenge! Overhead bondage may seem easy compared to her earlier ordeals like reverse prayers and elbow bondage, but it gets exhausting really fast and struggling is very difficult. That being said, she looks amazing in blue ropes! Enjoy the pictures and video of Tiffany in this hard position!

Keira - a new bondage girl

August 13, 2017

Yes, we found a new talent: the gorgeous tiny young Keira was curious enough to get tied up, and she turned out to have some skills! Her elbows go all the way together very easily, and she is tiny and cute, a great combination! With this great metal slave collar locked onto her, she looks so perfect in the red ropes! Sure, it is a tight bondage for a first time, but Keira managed. She is determined and very tough! Watch her struggle in the video, you will love her!

Katie Thornton - reverse prayer!

August 06, 2017

You would never expect Katie Thornton to be this flexible! Yes, we tied her into a reverse prayer, and it is spectacular! Don’t miss this update of Katie with her hands pinned high up between her shoulders. Imagine how vulnerable she is in this position, her huge boobs are up for grabs and she is totally unable to defend herself. So hot!

Aubrey - gorgeous new girl

July 30, 2017

Believe it or not, we found Aubrey working in a local shop! She’s gorgeous! We asked her if she would be interested in a photo shoot. It’s always a bit hard to bring up the bondage subject, but once Aubrey was in our studio, she was quite happy about getting collared and tied. She is a natural sub! Where do we find these girls! Well, in a local shop… start checking the stores in your area now!

Nyxon - hogtied

July 23, 2017

The famous Nyxon! We’ve got her, hogtied and gagged on the bed! This classic beauty loves bondage so much, she could be tied up all day. Sure, she struggles, but that’s just because she loves to test the ropes. Nyxon looks so good in a ballgag! Big eyes, pale skin, a real pleasure to watch!

TianTian - bondage predicaments

July 16, 2017

We have got a few bondage predicaments for Chinese submissive teen TianTian! First, we hogtied her, including a nice crotch rope. The second position is more evil. One hand behind her back and the other hand is tied to her ankle. Finally, we pull her hands up high above her head. We don’t know which of the three positions she hated more. The video is of the second position, which was the most fun to watch! Well, for us anyway…

Ulysse - woke up like this

July 09, 2017

French cutie Ulysse woke up tied to the bed! Spread eagled and completely nude. Horrible… well for her anyway. But Ulysse is a fighter, she will struggle to get out of this, and eventually she probably will (if she doesn’t get too tired from all the trashing around). It’s great fun to watch her though, all spread out and helpless!

Vanessa R - reverse prayer challenge

July 02, 2017

The very flexible Vanessa is back, and it is time for a reverse prayer! Her bondage skills are probably unmatched. Her arms are long and hyper flexible, and she can take the biggest gags ever (check that out here). She can stay in elbow ties and reverse prayers forever without any circulation problems. Vanessa is just the perfect bondage subject! But can she escape from a reverse prayer? We challenged her and promised her a money prize if she could. Watch the video to see if she did it!

Stella Cox - ceiling ropes

June 25, 2017

Poor Stella Cox! She is gagged and tied up tight in red ropes. You can see she is getting really tired, and she wants to shift her position, or even lie down, but she can’t. Her boobs are tied to the ceiling with long ropes, tugging on her when she moves. Stella will have to remain in her kneeling position for a while longer. Drooling, she starts to plea through her gag. Will someone let her out soon?

Milestiba - tied tight

June 18, 2017

New girl Milestiba said: ‘give me the tightest you got!’ Well, we gave it a try! Elbows completely slammed together, wrist tied, hogtied, gagged, hair pulled back… this is some very tight bondage for a new girl! Milestiba may have gotten a bit more than she wished for, but we got exactly what we wanted: a cute girl in tight bondage! Her struggles are awesome, although she couldn’t move much of course. Don’t miss this impressive debut!

Noa - reverse prayer

June 11, 2017

So 18-year old Noa liked her first tie in pink ropes. It was just a simple box tie, and now she wanted more. Well, she got a lot more! A super tight reverse prayer for this young curious girl will let us test her limits. If she still wants to come back for more after this, she is a real keeper! Noa is so gorgeous when she is naked and defenseless! Her skills are awesome, look at her reverse prayer hand position! Fresh bondage talent!

Vina - bent elbow tie and big gag

June 04, 2017

Young Vina is one of the most talented girls ever. Not only do her arms go all the way together (upper arms too!), she can even bend them when they are already tied. Something we couldn’t wait to show you! All vulnerable and exposed, boobs out, Vina thoroughly enjoys being tied up like this. A big ballgag completes her bondage, making her look stunning, like a tiny statue. She can stay in this bondage for hours. She really is one of our most amazing discoveries ever!

Anahí - tight holiday bondage

May 28, 2017

This cute Mexican girl was trying to relax on her holiday. Until we came along and put her in a tight elbow bondage hogtie. She is really suffering in the hot sun, it wasn’t easy for her, and she just wanted to get out and relax. So Anahí struggled and struggled, until she eventually had to give up.

Jennifer - candy stripe elbow bondage

May 21, 2017

The talented Jennifer! She can take the biggest ballgags and the tightest elbow bondage. What more do you need! We tried to make things a bit cuter by using white AND pink rope, but Jennifer did not really appreciate the pretty colors, she was just struggling and moaning in this tight elbow bondage!

Stella Cox - perfect prisoner

May 14, 2017

Everything about Stella Cox is just perfect. Huge natural boobs that can be tied, elbows are super flexible, and she can take a large ballgag. We just want to keep her forever! Good thing we have a prison cell, where we can keep the tightly bound Stella and look at her whenever we want. By the sound of her moaning, she really needs to go somewhere, but we won’t let her go for a while! It’s the famous Stella Cox tied up super tied in elbow bondage and breast bondage! Would you ever let her go?

Abigail - ultra tight for the first time

May 07, 2017

Cute Abigail from the UK wanted to get tied up really tight. But she had no experience with rope at all! Much to our surprise, her elbows went together so smoothly it was just too tempting. Not taking it easy on her, we went for an ultra tight elbow bondage. Yes, it’s her first time in rope, but don’t worry, she is so flexible, she can handle it (we hope). Abigail is so gorgeous, with the perfect submissive mouth and eyes, and small cute perky boobs, it was really hard to let her go. Let’s hope she will be back after this tight ordeal!

Ting and WeiWei box tied

April 30, 2017

Asian friends Ting and WeiWei are so cute, locked in their wide metal collars! We just had to tie them up as tight as possible! They make some high pitched squeaky noises when their arms are tied in a box tie, but two shiny red ballgags can solve most of that. Such a beautiful tied struggle, don’t miss this update if you like cute Asian girls in bondage!

Darina Nikitina - ultra tight elbow bondage

April 23, 2017

Darina can do it! She is flexible enough to do this ultra tight elbow bondage. No cinch between the lower arms means they are even closer together, and her shoulders are pulled all the way back. This is hard! Darina is gagged with a big ball and left to struggle, but there is not much she can do. She can barely move her arms! Don’t worry, Darina loves bondage, even though she seems a little uncomfortable at the moment.

Lizanne - reverse prayer

April 16, 2017

Lizanne! One of the toughest and cutest bondage models ever! We love to tie her up so much, but (believe it or not) she loves it even more! So let’s challenge her today with a reverse prayer (hands trapped) and a cruel nipple bondage tie. The twisted rope on her nipples means she can’t struggle too hard or she will get pinched. A shiny red ballgag suits her perfectly too. Let’s see if the cute freckle-faced Lizanne can escape (spoiler: no).

Melissa - chicken wing tie

April 09, 2017

It’s not easy to tie up Melissa, she is a good struggler! We wanted to give her a different challenge, but she almost got out. Melissa is a real escape artist. We shouldn’t experiment on her next time, and tie her up really good, because we can’t risk her escaping! We want to keep her here as long as possible.

Gina Gerson - slender tieable girl

April 02, 2017

Everyone probably knows cute Gina Gerson, she is an internet star! Ever since we saw her, we wanted to tie her up, she is so slender! We just contacted her, and she said yes right away. She was actually very curious. But once she was tied up, we weren’t really sure if she still liked it. We did, however, because Gina looks amazing in rope!

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